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Albemarle High School field trip teaches the importance of monuments

This article talks about how the students interpreted the statues and how they gained a new perspective of the statues and different points of views from different people.

Albemarle High students tour statues to inform monument project

This article talked about the process and the meaning or importance behind the Let ‘Em Shine project

Albemarle schools to use $20k grant to fund study of historical, societal significance of monuments

In this article you can read about the benefits and goals of the Let ‘Em Shine project

County high schoolers tour Charlottesville monuments, memorials

This article briefly summarizes the high schoolers adventures and says that the students were asked to make up their own statue with significance as well.

Albemarle County Students to Create New Memorials While Studying Area History

Tuesday, September 26, Albemarle high students were learning about the statues of Robert E. Lee in Emancipation Park and the “Stonewall” Jackson in Justice Park.

Albemarle Students to Participate in Historic Monument Study

The public school received $20,000 to help fund this project. 80 juniors from all three public schools were looking at the history of Charlottesville and the statues and what they mean.

Albemarle students to study monuments for project sponsored by grant

The goal is for the student to come up with a creative way to memorialize those stories as well.